Local Access ProgrammeAPC's Local Access Programme works for people affected by exclusion, discrimination and inequality to be able to meaningfully use and shape the internet and digital technologies to meet their specific needs.

Social and Environmental Justice ProgrammeThe work of the Social and Environmental Justice (SEJ) Programme seeks to ensure that the rules, policies, standards and practices that coordinate and shape the internet and digital technologies promote and protect human rights and ensure social, environmental and gender justice, with a particular focus on the rights of marginalised communities.

Women's Rights ProgrammeThe Association for Progressive Communications Women’s Rights Programme (APC WRP) has a long-term goal of ensuring that women and people of diverse sexualities and genders participate in, shape and co-create the internet and digital technologies that reflect and respond to their lived realities. APC WRP plays a vital role in bringing together people, organisations and communities, working to provide a feminist analytical framework of internet rights, and to locate women's and sexual rights agendas at the centre of debates around internet rights. It works through four interrelated strategies: knowledge building, capacity building, policy advocacy and movement building.

Safety for Voices InitiativeSustaining Defenders through Feminist Holistic Security (SDFHS), also known as Safety for Voices, is a global South-based programme that works towards greater safety for women human rights defenders, by taking an integrated approach to safety and paying special attention to technology. The project's design and objectives are integrated with APC's WRP and SEJ programme objectives. The programme is being implemented with three regional partners: Urgent Action Fund Africa (UAF-Africa), Urgent Action Fund Asia and Pacific (UAF A&P) and IM-Defensoras (IMD).

CommunicationsThe Communications team manages APC's online and offline external communications, publicity, social media presence, websites and publications, including outreach to APC's members, partners and the media, to strategically contribute to furthering APC's advocacy objectives.

Network and Membership DevelopmentThe Network and Membership Development team works closely with APC members, associates and staff as well as with close partners and collaborating networks to foster the development of a strong, sustainable and vibrant network. The Network and Membership Development team leads the work around new memberships and resource sharing within the network.

Development and Resource MobilisationThe Development and Resource Mobilisation team coordinates, maintains and develops the systems and procedures needed for APC’s longer-term resource mobilisation and financial resilience strategy.

People, Systems and OperationsThe People, Systems and Operations team looks after the day-to-day work experience of the APC team, with a focus on people (HR) and systems. It takes care of the design and implementation of systems, policies and procedures (SP&P) that support the well-being of people and enable the effective realisation of APC's strategic plan. Its work contributes to developing and consolidating a healthy organisational culture and best practices of sustainability, rooted in values of autonomy, accountability and distributed leadership.

FinanceThe Finance team is responsible for maintaining the integrity of APC’s finances. It does this by ensuring that the team has the appropriate tools and systems, by ensuring that income and expenditure are recorded in line with budgets and secured funding, and by adhering to the organisation’s financial policies and procedures. Together with the executive and operations directors, the finance team ensures that APC complies with its financial and statutory responsibilities, including the output of independently audited financial statements (based on internationally agreed accounting principles), both annually and as required for specific grant agreements. The finance team submits reports and statutory forms regularly to the board of directors and management, donor partners, and various state and federal departments.

Technical Systems and SupportThe Technical Systems and Support team provides and maintains the necessary technical infrastructure and support for APC programmes, projects, staff and members to operate in stable, secure and reliable online spaces.

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