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Pamela Ariza

Pamela has almost 10 years of experience in logistics coordination for bringing people together for different sorts of reasons and events. Before joining APC in 2022, Pamela worked for the British Council in collaborative projects with the Chilean Ministry of Education, facilitating the convening and realisation of professional development activities for hundreds of Chilean teachers a year. Earlier, Pamela had gained experience in logistics through involvement in the organisation of cultural and musical events, a path she was led to thanks to her own music career as a pop singer/songwriter and her endless curiosity as an architect.

Purpose of position

The convening coordinator is responsible for coordinating the scheduling and practical planning for core face-to-face, online and hybrid convenings hosted by the APC staff team and community (such as our annual staff meeting and member convening), as well as APC’s participation in strategic convenings hosted by other organisations. They are responsible for supporting participants in preparation for events (including travel, visa, health and other logistical tasks), in organising all of the information required for an event, in reconciliation of events (including administrative and financial tasks) and securing primary services for events (including venue hire and contracting of documenters, graphic recorders, close captioners and interpreters) and building learning from convenings into a resource base.


What is OpenPGP?

Convenings coordinator

Santiago Chile
Twitter/X: @fakuta