Gender and ICTs

Patience Mandishona
Patience Mandishona 09 August 2018

Patience Mandishona is a Zimbabwean feminist based in Harare. As Programmes Officer for JASS ally, Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ), she worked as a lobbyist and advocate, networking and providing services for the LGBTI community with a primary focus on lesbian and bisexual women. Patience holds a BA in Communication Science, and has been a part of the JASS movement-building initiative in Southern Africa since 2007.

Japleen Pasricha
Japleen Pasricha 31 May 2017

Japleen smashes the patriarchy for a living. Founder & Editor-in-chief of Feminism in India, she is a feminist activist based in New Delhi, India. She is a writer, educator, campaigner and researcher. She has vast experience in digital media and online publishing. Her interest lies in women’s studies, global feminism, gender, sexuality, VAW, SRHR, feminist praxis and internet as a space. Currently she is working on media representation of gender-based violence, in the past she has worke...

Natasha Msonza
Natasha Msonza 31 May 2017

Natasha Msonza is a digital rights defender and trainer. She is currently the director of policy and governance for the ISOC-Zimbabwe chapter and co-founder of the Digital Society of Zimbabwe, a voluntary network of technologists that specialises in building the digital resilience of human rights defenders at risk. Natasha's work involves undertaking organisational security ...

Renata Aquino Ribeiro
Renata Aquino Ribeiro 12 May 2017

Renata Aquino Ribeiro is an independent researcher and professor and one of the founders at E.I. Research. She follows internet governance debates such as regional IGFs and ICANN participating as community member and fellow, participant of Brazilian Internet School of Governance 2014, South School of Internet Governance 2016 alumni and 2017 panelist. As well as ICANN LACRALO ALS Nexti participa...

Point of View
Point of View 23 June 2016

Point of View is a Mumbai-based non-profit that builds and amplifies women’s voices and removes barriers to voice, speech and expression. Tools are media, education, technology and art. Strategies include: Creating digital resources, publications & campaigns; building skills, capacities and understanding; producing information and knowledge; advocating with civil society and pol...

Media Matters for Democracy (MMfD)
Media Matters for Democracy (MMfD) 26 November 2015

Media Matters for Democracy (MMfD) is a young Islamabad based non profit. MMfD has been formed on the vision and the belief that a liberal, professional media industry is the cornerstone of a progressive, democratic society. The organisation strives for an inclusive, democratic media industry that is tech-friendly, progressive diverse, professional and secure. Media development in Pak...

Society for Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment (SPACE)
Society for Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment (SPACE) 30 July 2013

Where Free and Open Source Software is a way of life, SPACE is an organisation formed and nurtured by a team of professionals and social activists from across Kerala who share the dream of freedom of knowledge. Freedom of knowledge is interrelated to freedoms in other spheres of activities and is fundamental to human development. The objective of SPACE is to promote the use of Free and Open Sou...

Cooperativa Sulá Batsú
Cooperativa Sulá Batsú 20 May 2008

Sulá Batsú is a cooperative, founded in 2005, based on solidarity economy. It aims to encourage and strengthen local development by working with organizations, social enterprises, community networks and social movements at a national, regional and global level. Sulá Batsú approaches this goal through different lines of work: digital technologies, art and culture, management of knowledge and...

Open Institute
Open Institute 14 May 2008

The Open Institute is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization that envisions Cambodia as a country in which widespread access to high quality education, information, communications and technology lead to a more developed and just society. Our mission is to ensure that the benefits of technology for social and economic advance are usable in Cambodian society. While the strategy of the...

Fantsuam Foundation
Fantsuam Foundation 06 March 2008

Fantsuam Foundation is a rural-based non-governmental organization that works with local communities to fight poverty and disadvantage through integrated development programs.

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