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hvale vale

hvale vale (small letters as per bell hooks), feminist activist and writer of words, happy and compulsive reader, deepening around and about somatic experiencing. Sit, walk, run, sometime dance @ intersections and explorations of peoples and community, systems and practices, autonomous tech infrastructure, organising and holding spaces.

Learning and relearning the internet poetically, politically and practically, advocating for a #feministinternet.

Central to life and works are the many superhumans of these worlds we walk through.

Some themes: walk-the-talk, bodywork, sexuality, sci-fi, movements, storytelling, safety and bravery in the digital continuum, remote and asynchronous communication, design of accessible, participatory compassionate spaces, hacking and re-thinking how organisations structure and use “operations”. Working for feminist queer way of doing-thinking-feeling.

Maintain a blog, discontinuously yet in waves, believing data is the fabric of the bodies we are made of in the realm of 0101010 and more.


Purpose of position

The operations manager holds responsibility for the development and implementation of APC strategy 3, "Build capacity and institutional strength", through systems, policies and procedures that support the effective implementation of outcomes 4 and 5 of APC’s Strategic Plan and contribute towards developing and consolidating organisational practices of sustainability, rooted in values of autonomy, accountability and distributed leadership, improving the day-to-day work experience of the APC team. They accompany teams in order to strengthen their capacities to systematically apply and integrate systems, policies and procedures into project management and activity implementation and operationalise their work through connecting with APC’s leadership team and mechanisms, working closely with APC’s operations director.

They hold responsibility for the development and implementation of APC’s People, Systems and Operations and Communal Infrastructure consolidated budget and work plan, supporting the engagement and participation of APC members, associates and partners and their communities. They liaise with programmes on tech advocacy and co-lead the creation and promotion of APC communal infrastructure (including hybrid environments) to inform and strengthen APC’s role as a convenor “to strengthen collective organising towards building a transformative movement.”


What is OpenPGP?

Operations manager