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Maja Romano

Maja is a socio-cultural anthropologist with a passion for community engagement, having completed a Master of Arts degree following extensive fieldwork in South Africa during its initial implementation of affirmative action policies. With experience in community-building, print and digital publishing and operational management, she has worked in the non-profit sector supporting organisations in the fields of independent journalism, human rights and digital security. As APC's content production and curation lead, she is always thinking of innovative and inclusive ways to build bridges between people and technology. A strong believer in social justice, diversity and good grammar, Maja is based in Montreal but likes to change time zones often.


Purpose of position

The content production and curation lead is responsible for the coordination of the production of GISWatch outputs, as well as for specialised policy-related content and for specifically assigned areas. They are also responsible for English editing and information management of APC-related spaces.


What is OpenPGP?

Content production and curation lead: GISWatch coordinator

Montreal Canada