Joy Liddicoat
Joy Liddicoat 18 December 2018

Joy is a lawyer whose primary research interest is human rights and technology. Prior to joining the University of Otago, Joy was Assistant Commissioner (Policy and Operations) at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, responsible for oversight of policy- and technology-related research and advice and managing the Commissioner's investigations into alleged interferences with privacy. Between 2011 and 2014, Joy coordinated a global campaign for the Association for Progressive Communicati...

Foundation for Media Alternatives
Foundation for Media Alternatives 18 December 2007

Foundation for Media Alternatives (FMA) is a non-profit NGO in the Philippines seeking to democratise information and communication systems and resources for citizens and communities. Since its formation in 1987, FMA has sought to enhance the popularisation of development-oriented issues and campaigns through media-related interventions, social communications projects, and cultural work. Since 1997, the Foundation has focused on the area of information and communications technologies (ICTs) t...

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