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Brian is a digital rights advocate, mechanical engineer and technology enthusiast. He has worked as a technology consultant and human rights campaigner in both the private and non-profit sectors. As an advocate for digital rights, Brian is passionate about the inclusion and accessibility of technology for more users in Africa. He is a proponent of open source technology and has experience providing direct technical support to human rights defenders, activists, independent journalists and civil society organisations.

Brian has more than a decade of experience coordinating, supporting and delivering capacity building to give human rights activists reliable, high-quality knowledge and information about digital security. He has held several information and communication technology support positions in a range of sectors and is skilled in communicating complicated technical concepts to non-technical audiences in a straightforward and courteous manner.

Brian exhibits expertise at turning ideas into action because of his experience working with various stakeholder groups. He has committed his career to assisting civil society organisations and activists in their mission to promote internet freedom through long-term policies for digital transformation because he has a thorough understanding of the interrelationships between technology, policy and human rights.