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Smita works at the intersection of gender, sexuality and technology with a focus on digital rights, holistic digital security, feminist internet and digital storytelling. They have worked with diverse communities on digital rights and gender and sexuality, including women, young people, LGBTIQ persons, trans communities, sex workers and persons with disabilities, and have facilitated workshops and sessions in regional languages. Smita holds a Master's degree in Media and Cultural Studies from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, and a BA in History. Her current curiosities are around the intersections of queerness-caste-race, facial recognition and AI, feminist infrastructures, and knowledge bridges. A Tamilian by birth, she is currently based in New Delhi, India.

Smita really enjoys photography, films, scrapbook-journaling, love random facts and trivia, and are currently very into baking. They can generally be found wandering the cyberspace, or hunting for good coffee.

Purpose of the position

The APC Our Voices Our Futures project coordinator supports work to strengthen the capacities of women's rights, feminist and sexual rights activists to have the skills, confidence and networks to effectively engage with and transform digital technologies. This includes contributing to and participating in the programme's movement building strategy as well as co-coordinating a five-country project that aims to ensure that structurally silenced communities are able to participate actively, safely and freely across legal and policy advocacy spaces, physical public spaces and online spaces to demand their rights.

What is OpenPGP?

Our Voices, Our Futures (OVOF) project coordinator

Nueva Delhi India
Areas of expertise