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Vassilis Chryssos

Vassilis has been involved in community broadband networks since 2013 as an administrator for the Community Network (CN) in Greece, holding the responsibilities of public speaking, networking and fundraising, among others. At the same time, he has ventured in the tech entrepreneurship domain, in the field of Internet of Things using open technologies. In his early career he built his experience in environmental engineering, conducting environmental assessments in the domains of waste management and energy.

During the same time he was very active in organising and orchestrating various social, environmental and digital citizens’ initiatives, initially at a grassroots level and later through civil society organisations. His educational background includes management, technical design and training and environmental engineering.

Purpose of position

The grants coordinator supports network development, organisational planning and governance activities under the supervision of the executive director. This involves coordination of APC’s sub-granting programme, operational and administrative support to APC’s planning and evaluation processes, support to APC’s board meetings and operations and proactive support to the work of APC’s directors.


What is OpenPGP?

Grants coordinator

Athens Greece
Twitter/X: @vchryssos