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APC Annual Report 2014 Association for Progressive Communications Jul 2015 APC English, alternatives.png
APC Annual Report 2013 APC Aug 2014 APC Français, Español, English
APC Progress Report 2009 - 2012 APC Aug 2013 APC English
APC Annual Report 2011 APC Aug 2012 APC English
APC Annual Report 2010 APC Jul 2011 APC English
The History of APC: A Timeline APC Jul 2011 APC English
APC Annual Report 2009 APC Aug 2010 APC English, Español miembros, Español, Français membres, Français, English members
APC Organisational Profile APC Nov 2009 APC 2014, 2009, 2008, 2007
APC Progress Report 2004 - 2008 APC Oct 2009 APC Français, Español, English
Audited Annual Financial Statements for 2008 Douglas and Velcich (chartered accountants) Jul 2009 APC APC AUDIT 2008 final signed.pdf
APC Strategic Framework 2009-12 (Short version) APC Jun 2009 APC English, Español, Français
APC Annual Report 2007 APC Jul 2008 APC Urdu, Français, Español, English
APC Annual Report 2006 APC Jul 2007 APC Español, Français, English
APC Internet Rights Charter APC Nov 2006 APC English, Urdu, Bengali, Hausa, Yoruba, Albanian, Romanian, Macedonian, Czech, Khmer, Russian, Filipino, Catalan, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Français, Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian, Esperanto, Español
APC Internet Rights Charter - Download APC Nov 2006 APC Bulgarian, Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian, Bengali, Catalan, Esperanto, Hausa, Español, English, Français, Portuguese, Hungarian, Yoruba, Urdu, Albanian, Russian, Romanian, Filipino, Macedonian, Khmer
APC brochure (2006) APC Jul 2006 APC Trilingual
APC Annual Report 2005 APC Jul 2006 APC English, Español
APC Annual Report 2004 APC Dec 2005 APC English, Español
APC Annual Report 2003 APC Nov 2004 APC English, Español
The problem of the information format (for networks) Dr. Richard Rogers Nov 2003 Govcom.org Foundation English

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