Movement building in a digital age: Evaluation report – learnings for donors and funds

Sheherezade Kara

In April 2014, the Association for Progressive Communications’ Women’s Rights Programme (APC WRP) organised the first global meeting on Gender, Sexuality and the Internet, which produced the Feminist Principles of the Internet (FPI) framework. Since then, APC WRP has organised and collaborated on several global, regional and local meetings to collaboratively reflect on and interrogate shared concerns such as the changing landscape of movement building due to digitally networked technologies, online gender-based violence, digital expression of sexuality and gender identity, and other challenges and opportunities presented by current technologies.

Between November 2019 and April 2020, APC WRP held an evaluation of this work on movement building in the digital age. The evaluation sought feedback from feminist internet meeting participants, including around the impact of the convenings on participants’ movement work and activism, their evolving relationships with digital technologies, and challenges in taking this work forward. Through a survey and interviews reaching 82 people across regions, the evaluation revealed a circuitry of people engaged, committed and eager to take the work forward in their own contexts, but with limitations connected to resourcing, network building and infrastructure.

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