Past Projects

Putting cybersecurity on the rights track

APC is implementing this exploratory project with the support of the Mozilla Corporation. The goal of the project is to develop a research and advocacy strategy to ensure that cybersecurity policy and norms are influenced by civil society and progressive techie voices, so that these policies consistently integrate a rights-based approach.

Expanding the EROTICS network in South Asia

As a continuation of the previous work to deepen the EROTICS network in Asia, this two-year project will expand the network of sexual rights and digital rights activists from India, Sri Lanka and Nepal and include new partners in Bangladesh, as well as strengthening the network with partners in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Expanding the EROTICS network in South Asia
Local Access Networks: Can the unconnected connect themselves?

This project aims to address the following questions: Are local access infrastructure models a viable alternative to connecting the unconnected, and if so, what are the circumstances that make them successful? What are the benefits to the local community in terms of well-being, gender equity and ...

Expanding the EROTICS network in South Asia
Advocacy for Change through Technology in India, Malaysia and Pakistan

APC has teamed up with members and partners in India, Pakistan and Malaysia to protect and promote human rights on the internet. The project's objectives include research and documentation, capacity building and support for networking and advocacy.

Expanding the EROTICS network in South Asia
Building feminist cross-movement collaboration and action on internet and human rights in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean

This project aims to build awareness and collaborative action on internet policy and regulation among activists in the global South by securing human rights in internet policy and regulation in Africa, and integrating a feminist and gender justice agenda in internet governance debates and process...

Expanding the EROTICS network in South Asia
Building EROTICS Networks in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka

Building on a strong pre-existing coalition, this project will strengthen the participation of an already participating country (India, with active network member Point of View), and bring in new actors from two new countries:  Sri Lanka, with Women and Media Collective, and Nepal, with LOOM.

Expanding the EROTICS network in South Asia
Examining Internet Freedom in Latin America

Implemented by APC in collaboration with Derechos Digitales (DD), the Examining Internet Freedom in Latin America (EXLILA) project aims to analyse the state of internet freedoms in the region, to strengthen the capacities of NGOs, social movements and other civil society actors, as well as the ac...

Expanding the EROTICS network in South Asia
Infrastructure Sharing for Supporting Better Broadband and Universal Access

This project aims to identify the most effective strategies for infrastructure sharing and the national policies that encourage or facilitate their adoption, and improve awareness of the importance of infrastructure sharing in helping to address demand for broadband.

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