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22 April 2014
APC welcomes the new Internet Rights and Freedoms Bill proposal launched by Green Party Member of Parliament Gareth Hughes in New Zealand.
26 March 2014
Chris Nicol. Photo: APCNote: Deadline has been extended to 8 May. The APC Chris Nicol FLOSS Prize recognises initiatives that are making it easy for people to start using free/libre and open source software (FLOSS).
20 March 2014
Civil society groups spoke out today at the Human Rights Council 25th session in Geneva as Nigeria rejects recommendations to ensure the universality of human rights as part of its Universal Periodic Review.
14 March 2014
PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE APC welcomes NTIA announcement on transition of key internet domain name functions 14 March 2014 – The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) welcomes the announcement made by the United States Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) of its ‘intent to transition key internet domain name functio
6 March 2014
In the second phase of the groundbreaking EROTICS project, an exploratory research project into sexuality and the internet, the Association for Progressive Communications has launched a new website ( to reflect the project’s background, share knowl    
11 February 2014
PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Global internet users demand an end to mass surveillance on “The day we fight back” International community unites to protest big brother on February 11 Internet rights organisations, civil-society groups, authors, and internet users across six continents take to the digital streets to demand an end to mass surveillance on Tuesday, 11 February 20
23 October 2013
PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Report calls for safer internet for women’s and girls’ rights A new report released today by the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and the Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries (Hivos) explores women’s rights and gender through the lens of information and communications technologies (ICTs).
20 September 2013
Principles are launched seeking to update understandings of human rights to reflect modern surveillance technologies and techniques. Civil society organisations on Friday, September 20 called upon the members of the Human Rights Council (HRC) to assess whether national surveillance laws and activities are in line with their international human rights obligations. The Snowden revelations ha
29 August 2013
PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE When information about systematic surveillance by the US National Security Agency (NSA) was leaked to the press, President Obama’s first response was to offer reassurance that “This does not apply to U.S.
24 July 2013
Coalition to TPP negotiators: It’s time to move beyond secret meetings and join with the public to chart a better course for our digital future. The Fair Deal Coalition has launched a new initiative that will give internet users a platform to discuss what copyright should look like under
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