hvale vale

Sexuality and networks coordinator


hvale vale (small letters as per bell hooks), feminist activist and writer. Her interests are the intersections between internet rights, sexuality, LGBTIQ and women’s rights, and the transformative power of technology from a feminist intersectional perspective and practice. As such she explores the internet poetically, politically and practically and advocates for the #feministinternet.

Sexuality, movement building, storytelling, digital safety, communication and design of remote interactive and participatory spaces, together with exchanging, learning, nurturing and building networks, are all central to her work.

Find her on Twitter or on her blog: hvale.me

Purpose of position

The position holds responsibility for coordinating APC WRP's work relating to sexuality and digital technologies, and providing systems/project support to the WRP team. It includes strengthening sexual rights and related WRP networks towards making a feminist internet and co-creating spaces to support inter- and intra-movement collaborations. The coordinator will work closely with the APC WRP network capacity team, the APC operational team and relevant staff from APC's programmes and projects.


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