Women's Rights Programme

The Association for Progressive Communications Women’s Rights Programme (WRP) works to strengthen the capacity of diverse women’s movements to have the confidence, skills and resources to influence the usage, development and decision-making of the internet. This is so that they are able to engage with it as a political space to challenge discriminatory norms, structures and practices, amplify their work for women’s rights and gender justice and respond to the barriers, that prevent them from benefiting from information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Our work stems from recognition of the enormous potential of ICTs to strengthen social, political, cultural and economic development, and to advance the human rights of women and girls. ICTs present a powerful platform for expression, for accessing information and for creating and sharing narratives that can lead to changes in norms and values that contribute to discrimination and inequality.

WRP is uniquely located within both the internet rights and women's rights movements. We work through four inter-related strategies: knowledge building, capacity building, policy advocacy and movement building.

Gender sites from APC

Take a ride through some of the digital stories produced by participants at various workshops we’ve facilitated over the years.

The online house for the network of activists and researchers working on the intersections of sexuality and the internet.

A space where you can learn more about the Feminist Principles of the Internet, which aim to provide a framework for women's movements to articulate and explore issues related to technology.

Collaboratively created resources for feminists engaging with technology.

A training curriculum made up of several modules for trainers who work with women’s rights and sexual rights activists to use the internet safely, creatively and strategically. In English, Spanish, Portuguese, French with Arabic and Russian coming soon.

This kit brings together some pro tips from amazing feminists around the world on how to host a local conversation about the Feminist Principles of the Internet.

Addressing the gap in participation by women’s rights and sexual rights advocates in internet governance policy processes and development nationally, regionally and globally, in every sector and stakeholder group. 

How to evaluate ICT projects thinking about gender.

World’s first website focusing on gender and technology policy.

A call to take control of technology to end violence against women.


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