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  1. APC and 7amleh statement at Human Rights Council echoes alarm over unlawful surveillance

    ... from unlawful surveillance, like Swedish software developer Ola Bini, have been targeted for their work. We implore the government of Ecuador ...

    publication - 08/31/2023 - APC and 7amleh

  2. Internet rights at the Human Rights Council 41st session

    ... developer, cybersecurity expert and digital rights activist Ola Bini, a Swedish national living in Ecuador for the past six years, was ...

    news - 08/31/2023 - Deborah Brown

  3. Internet rights at the Human Rights Council 43rd session

    ... against digital security expert and human rights defender Ola Bini in Ecuador and the investigation and the arbitrary measures taken ...

    news - 08/31/2023 - APCNews

  4. Joint statement for the protection of digital rights defenders

    ... the political interference in the criminal case against Ola Bini in Ecuador , the investigation and the arbitrary measures taken against ...

    publication - 04/28/2023 - Various

  5. APC at RightsCon 2019

    ... Foundation 15:45-18.00  The Imprisonment of Ola Bini: Building solidarity and protecting the community , co-organised by APC  ...

    news - 04/28/2023 - APCNews

  6. What is encryption and why is it key to protect your rights? Let's share some highlights on #GlobalEncryptionDay #MaketheSwitch

    ... of security experts, such as renowned digital rights expert Ola Bini in Ecuador  #GlobalEncryptionDay ...

    page - 01/24/2022 -

  7. APC at the IGF 2019: Schedule of Days 1-4

    ... security trainers & human rights defenders - the case of Ola Bini 13:00-14:00 | Raum I Sonnenallee 225 APC co-organising ...

    page - 11/29/2019 -

  8. Assange and Bini's arrests, a serious threat to freedom of expression worldwide

    ... A few hours later, privacy and open source advocate Ola Bini was arrested at the Quito international airport  accused of "conspiring ...

    news - 04/16/2019 - APCNews

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