Women's Rights Programme

The Women’s Rights Programme (WRP) works to strengthen the capacity of diverse women’s movements to have the confidence, skills and resources to influence the usage, development and decision-making of the internet. This is so that they are able to engage with it as a political space to challenge discriminatory norms, structures and practices, amplify their work for women’s rights and gender justice and respond to the barriers, that prevent them from benefiting from information and communication technologies (ICTs). Our work stems from recognition of the enormous potential of ICTs to strengthen social, political, cultural and economic development, and to advance the human rights of women and girls. WRP is uniquely located within both the internet rights and women's rights movements.

Sexual rights
Sexual rights 06 April 2015

This project builds from the learnings and recommendations of the APC initiative EROTICS: An exploratory research project into sexuality and the internet developed in two phases with partners from Brazil, Lebanon, India, Indonesia, South Africa and the USA. The Sexual Rights Project also builds on the work that APC has developed since 2010 through the project Internet Rights Are Human Rights – Securing freedom of expression and association on the internet to support democratisation by stre...

Human Rights Council
Human Rights Council 04 October 2013

APC participates at the UN Human Rights Council, an intergovernmental body responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe, to raise awareness and build support for internet rights.

Holding government accountable to gender-based violence in the Republic of Congo
Holding government accountable to gender-based violence in the Republic of Congo 06 September 2012

Republic of Congo (Congo) has one of the most serious incidence of gender-based violence and human rights violations in the world. It is a country emerging from years of armed conflict, which has perpetuated rape and sexual violence as a weapon of war. This project aims to strengthen documentation, reporting and monitoring of domestic and sexual violence and responses of law enforcement agencie...

Holding governments accountable for gender-based violence in Cambodia
Holding governments accountable for gender-based violence in Cambodia 06 September 2012

This project will empower women’s organisations in Cambodia to use information and communication technologies (ICTs) to monitor government prevention efforts and responses to VAW; to aggregate and analyse data that captures these efforts and to produce evidence that can be used to put pressure on the Cambodian government to deliver on its promises to combat and eliminate violence against wome...

End violence: Women's rights and safety online
End violence: Women's rights and safety online 20 August 2012

Technology-related violence against women is increasing at an alarming rate – yet it expresses itself differently around the world. This initiative is helping women create safe and secure environments online in seven different countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

MDG3 Take Back the Tech! Fund
MDG3 Take Back the Tech! Fund 13 October 2010

The Take Back the Tech! Fund which is providing small grants of up to USD 5000 USD each to over sixty local, primarily community based organisations to implement projects that use ICTs to end violence against women and building their capacity to do so.

Digital storytelling
Digital storytelling 07 June 2010

The digital storytelling methodology takes people through a creative process of body-mapping, word play and games to reach for the story they want to tell. We explore ways of visually representing a story by shaping it into a poem, letter, animated comic strip, dream and more.

Internet rights monitor
Internet rights monitor 06 October 2009

Working with a broad coalition on internet rights and principles that emerged from the Internet Governance Forum, APC will update the APC Internet Rights Charter and promote it to internet users and policy makers all over the world. It is already translated into 22 languages mainly through the APC member network. We will gather stories that link internet rights, and violations against such righ...

Open Net Initiative-Asia: Gender Research Framework on Censorship & Surveillance Practices
Open Net Initiative-Asia: Gender Research Framework on Censorship & Surveillance Practices 30 June 2009

APC and the women’s programme are taking a closer look at internet censorship and surveillance practices from a gender perspective, which takes into account its potential impact to women’s rights and realities and how gender considerations affect the development of research methodologies. In collaboration with APC WNSP member, Heike Jensen and the Centre for Independent Journalism, Malaysia...

Feminist Tech Exchange
Feminist Tech Exchange 05 March 2009

Feminist Tech eXchange (FTX) brings WRP’s unique methodology and approach to capacity building. FTX creates safe, creative and feminist spaces of exchange and experience where the politics and practice of technology are informed by local and contextual realities of women, and build collective knowledge and ownership.

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