Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF)

Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), a Delhi based not-for-profit organization, was registered on December 2002, to find solutions to bridge the digital divide. With no political affiliations, it was founded to uplift the downtrodden and to create economic and commercial viability using Information Communication and Technology as means.

DEF’s vision is to make the digital inclusion reach the masses, to create even opportunities and linkages between haves and have-nots so that the grassroots knowledge reaches the economic prosperity and vice versa through information communication technology and digital media. The objectives of the work of The Digital Empowerment Foundation are: To offer and facilitate seamless ICT and digital solutions linkages to the needs and demands from the diverse groups of rural areas; to sensitize and provide knowledge inroads to government and corporate to offer inclusive ICT solutions for the masses: to create Digital Media Platforms for the masses.

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