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RightsCon 2018 is taking place on 16-18 May in Toronto, Canada. More than 2,000 participants are expected at the seventh installment of this gathering, which will explore pressing issues including innovation policy, free expression and protection of global journalism, gender diversity and digital inclusion, encryption and cybersecurity, and many other topics relevant to keeping the internet free, open and secure worldwide.

APC will join RightsCon to promote conversations on a range of issues, including: 

  • Promoting a human rights-based approach to cybersecurity 

  • Sexual rights and the responsibility of the private sector, including the challenges that LGBTIQ/sexual rights activists face when using social media platforms

  • Media concentration in the different layers of the internet, its impacts on human rights, and civil society’s response to this from a rights-based approach. 


Events where APC is participating

For session descriptions and other information, view the full programme.

DAY 1: 16 MAY
DAY 2: 17 MAY
DAY 3: 18 MAY


Events where APC members are participating

DAY 1: 16 MAY
DAY 2: 17 MAY
DAY 3: 18 MAY
More information on RightsCon:

RightsCon programme:

Live comments and insights on Twitter: #RightsCon2018


In previous editions, APC representatives described RightsCon as:

A mandatory meeting point for those interested in promoting the full exercise of human rights online. While the perspectives of the global South do not yet fully permeate discussions in RightsCon, it is emerging as a space where they can be addressed, discussed and more fully understood, as well as giving rise to specific collaborative efforts and actions. (Valeria Betancourt, APC)

A great opportunity to connect with activists, journalists and academics interested in the role of freedom of expression and privacy on the internet. (Gisela Pérez de Acha, Derechos Digitales)

I would invite the organisers of RightsCon 2017 to stimulate discussion on internet access as a digital right, by inviting organisations working in this area to present papers. Such a valuable space as RightsCon should encourage discussion of issues related to spectrum management in our countries, civil society participation in the national bodies in charge of spectrum management, community networks, etc. (Ariel Barbosa, Colnodo)