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“Advocacy International: Advancing our digital rights agenda for Asia” is a unique capacity-building opportunity for digital rights defenders to strengthen their skills on advocacy in international spaces for advancing digital rights.

Organised by the Challenge project, and running from 29 June to 2 July 2021, this event will gather more than 20 members of the digital rights community in Asia to familiarise them with spaces and mechanisms of international advocacy that can be leveraged to promote digital rights.

The event aims to provide a platform for meaningful engagement and to discuss the development of effective and responsive advocacy strategies at the international level. It also hopes to create a strong and sustainable network and collaboration in the region for more impactful advocacy work.

Sessions on stakeholder mapping, treaties, instruments and standards as basics for international advocacy, internet governance and digital cooperation, an overview of the UN ecosystem, telecom internet and infrastructure advocacy and many others will be featured in the workshop, facilitated by 10 subject matter experts who are all practitioners of international advocacy.

Participants in the workshop represent digital rights organisations in the region, many of which are APC members, including EMPOWER Malaysia, Body & Data, Point of View, Digital Empowerment Foundation, Foundation for Media Alternatives, Media Matters for Democracy, and others.

Explore the full agenda here:


For a summary of the daily sessions, see:

Day 1 of Advocacy International: "Is all advocacy good?" and other questions

Day 2 of Advocacy International: Understanding the complex world of the UN

Day 3 of Advocacy International: Getting comfortable with protocols

Day 4 of Advocacy International: Championing gender and other strategies for effective engagement


This workshop was organised by the Challenge project, which is funded by the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights.