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On 21 August, 39 APC Council members cast their votes during the APC Member Meeting in Ithala, South Africa, and elected a new Board of Directors for the next three years.

The composition of APC's new Board of Directors is the following:

APC is proud to have a board with gender balance and representatives from all regions (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America). A balance was also achieved in terms of continuity, with three board members from the previous board retaining their positions (Julián Casasbuenas G., Liz Probert and Osama Manzar). The new board brings together wisdom, experience, freshness and enthusiasm to steer APC through the new phase that lies ahead.

APC would like to congratulate the elected members of the incoming board and wish them a productive and outstanding governance period until 2019.

The APC Board of Directors for the previous period (2014-2017) was comprised of:

APC wishes to thank the outgoing board members and to acknowledge their efforts and excellent contributions towards strengthening the network during their tenure.

About APC governance

The APC Board of Directors is elected from among the members of the APC Council, on which all APC member organisations are represented. Except for those reserved specifically for the APC Council, the Board of Directors oversees and exercises all governance powers and activities of the organisation.

The Board makes strategic decisions about APC membership and key partnerships, and plays a central role in defining APC’s strategic priorities. The APC Board often deals with challenging institutional issues and these require strong commitment and a willingness to sacrifice time for the network.