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The Global Digital Compact (GDC) is an opportunity for civil society to contribute to establishing agreed principles for digital governance that support human rights, social justice and sustainable development and that can form the basis of a longer-term framework for accountable and inclusive internet governance – and broader digital governance. Part of the process of drafting the GDC is a series of thematic deep dive sessions held from March to June 2023. 

The second deep dive session was held on 13 April 2023 on the theme of internet governance to discuss questions like:

  • How we can ensure a safe, global, secure, and inclusive internet amidst the rapid growth and emergence of new internet-based tools?

  • How do the roles and functions of various multi-stakeholder forums such as ICANN, IETF and the IGF come together to support Internet governance?

  • How can governments, technical standard bodies, civil society, industry and all stakeholders work together for an open, indivisible, free, interoperable, global, secure, and inclusive Internet?

The APC network's interventions at this session included: 


Some message highlights from our intervention: 


Cover image via ITU Liaison Office with the UN in New York Twitter account.