Member Exchange and Travel Fund

      1. Purpose of the METF

      The APC Member Exchange and Travel Fund (METF) aims to support member-driven skills sharing, internships, and planning for collaboration among APC members, as well as members’ travel to and participation in events organised by others.

      Online collaboration can be very powerful, but it has limitations. Over the decades, the APC network has grown significantly in size and geographic reach. And while this increases opportunities for working together, it makes effectively facilitating collaboration and exchange more challenging. The METF supports APC member and staff travel and face-to-face meetings when effective collaboration requires it. Its goal is to make it possible for members to:

      a) Visit each other for activities such as:

      • Skills sharing or training

      • Emergency technical assistance

      • Problem solving

      • Technical development

      • Project planning and development

      • Strategic planning

      • Service and product development.

      b) Attend events organised by others (e.g. conferences and workshops) where members’ participation in these events contributes to strengthening and/or diversifying the APC network and to the objectives of the APC strategic action plan.


      2. What does the METF support?

      The fund covers only long-distance travel (train or air fares, fuel if people use their own vehicles, spare tires if they use bicycles or scooters). Daily subsistence (meals and accommodation), member staff time, rental of office spaces, airport transfers, visa fees, and all other onsite costs are not covered.

      2.1 Outcomes of collaboration supported by METF


      2.1.1 Member exchanges

      Members involved in a member exchange who receive support from the METF are expected to document the process using a pre-designed template, and also to write a blog post about the event which can be shared on the APC website.

      All outputs of the learning and exchange are shared with the rest of the network. Such outputs include stories, training materials, documentation and lessons learned from project collaboration, etc. APC members are also encouraged to share their experience using various thematic APC mailing lists or the APC blog. That way the APC network can not only benefit from the member exchange, but also potentially contribute to projects you are working on with your host organisation.


      2.1.2 Travel to events

      When using METF funding for travel to events, members are asked to fill out a simple report that highlights the key learnings taken from the event, and opportunities and possible partnerships that APC members should keep an eye on. They are also asked to write a blog post about the even they attended for publication on the APC website.


      3. Who is eligible for METF support?

      METF support is available only to APC member organisations.

      For more information on the METF, write to mef-at-apc-dot-org or directly to METF coordinator Karel Novotný at karel-at-apc-dot-org.

      Network development

      Project team 
      Anriette Esterhuysen South Africa
      Karel Novotný Czech Republic
      Karen Banks Australia
      Chat Garcia Ramilo Philippines
      valentina hvale pellizzer Bosnia and Herzegovina
      Osama Manzar India
      Liz Probert United Kingdom
      Lillian Nalwoga Uganda