Without excision and with the youth: Towards an informed African citizenship

Publication date: 
April 2010

Information and communications technologies (ICTs) are changing the daily lives of African men and women, whether rich or poor, young or old, urban or rural, employed or unemployed. Their effects are felt in all sectors, by schools, companies, households, associations, ministries and parliaments, in private lives and in all countries.

The practice of female genital excision/ mutilation (FGM) is not immune from this trend.
Giving up this practice is unavoidable, but in what direction is this ICT-driven change leading?

How can this change be directed so that it contributes towards a fair, egalitarian and supportive world that will benefit future generations and African cultures as well as towns and villages?

Enlightened by the results of the ICT-FGM research project, this brochure recommends an innovative approach of social intervention policies and strategies. These recommendations are intended for political and institutional managers responsible for directing intervention policies and initiatives on issues related to gender, youth, citizenship, African integration, ICTs and development, excision and innovation.

This publication was produced by ENDA and translated by APC.