A starter kit... for ICT4D

By APCNews PRETORIA, South Africa, 25 July 2005

APC member Ungana-Afrika — also part of the eRider network — is using and promoting the recently-out eRider starter kit. Executive director Toni Eliasz points to this resource that has been created by Teresa Crawford and the Tactical Technology Collective with the support of the global eRider community,. The starter kit is designed to help organizations understand, design, implement, maintain and sustain an eRider project or program. It’s focus is on “NGO-centered technology”.

Technology consultant Teresa Crawford explains thus: “Since 1997, there has been an emerging movement of technology assistance providers working in developing and transition countries. These providers are known as eRiders, whose model is based on the Circuit Rider model used successfully in the US to provide non-profit organizations with assistance in using technology to build their capacities. eRiding is a model that has been effectively used internationally to bring struggling organizations up to speed in their use of technology to fulfill their mission.”

Along with providing methodologies behind setting up eRider projects, the starter kit also provides samples and templates used in existing eRider projects, such as budgets and needs assessments.

Download here.

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Source: APCNews
Date: 07/25/2005
Location: PRETORIA, South Africa
Category: Training and ICTs