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TRICALCAR logoTRICALCAR logoAs part of the TRICALCAR project a set of seven new training modules on community wireless connectivity, which TRICALCAR project partners are pleased to share with its African counterpart CWCA, has been made available.

The Latin American technical teams now published these materials in English, as a feedback to the community who has been using the original curriculum, in Africa and elsewhere. The materials are published under the same formats and conditions as the rest of the TRICALCAR project outcomes. This means, under a Creative Commons license.

  • The new modules are:
  • WiMax and non-standard solutions
  • Energy for telecommunications systems
  • VoIP
  • Long distance wireless link
  • Community, gender and technology
  • Sustainability strategies
  • Network planning

This work has been done as part of the Latin American Community Wireless Project TRICALCAR. As part of the project, number of existing training materials have been localized into Spanish.

The new materials are published on training materials repository, as well as on

Comments and feedback are always much appreciated. Please address them to the project coordinator ( or Karel Novotný ( from APC.