Local communities in Australia relive history and organise online

By c2o MELBOURNE, Australia,

APC member c2o and Toy Satellite are very proud to announce the entire rebuild of the Rowville-Lysterfield History Project (RLHP).

RLHP is an archive of photos and stories told by the eldest members of the Rowville-Lysterfield community (Victoria, Australia) of their memories of the oldest people they remember when they were children. It is a rich telling of anecdotal histories that would otherwise be lost; of Aboriginal mounted police, the Bunerong and the Wawoorung clans of the Kulin nation, the little known prisoner of war camp, the stories of both women and men, many who would live their lives over again.

Originally produced in 2000 and utilising one of c2o’s first custom built content management systems (CMS), the site is now in line with current CMS and web design technologies.

The RLHP rebuild was produced with the support of c2o/Toy Satellite. RLHP was originally funded by the Commonwealth Federation Fund and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

Community action group monitors local development

c2o and Toy Satellite have also collaborated with another Melbourne-based community action group on the design and production of a new website for a diverse neighbourhood undergoing development. The Smith Street, site functions as an archive of historical records and research and a campaign tool for the Collingwood Action Group, a media watch on matters related to Smith Street and an emergent cultural content area.

Author: —- (c2o )
Source: c2o
Date: 08/30/2004
Location: MELBOURNE, Australia
Category: Building Information Communities

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