Giving my spirit voice: Interview with Helen Nyinakiiza

Helen Nyinakiiza (right), aside from being a digital security trainer, also works in an education project for orphans in Iganga district in Eastern Uganda


After a series of missed messages and calls, two individuals - neither located in the "global North" - found their way around ticking time zones to finally speak to each other. We had to drop trying to coordinate via UTC (Universal Time Converter which is basically the time in UK) and I had to learn what is EAT - East Africa Time, and Helen Nyinakiiza had to learn about Indian Standard Time. Finally when we spoke, Helen was perched on top of a jeep to get good connectivity on her phone, and I was at my desk, next to an open window in Bengaluru, India where we get lashes of rain every evening to cancel the heat of the day.

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