eQualitie: Deflect extends free website security services in response to COVID-19

Image from @markusspiske on Unsplash

By Dmitri for eQualitie

This article was reposted from eQualitie

In response and solidarity with numerous efforts that have sprung up to help with communications, coordination and outreach during the COVID-19 epidemic, Deflect is offering free website security and content delivery services for six months to organizations and individuals working to help others during this difficult time. This includes:

  • Availability: as demand for your content grows, our worldwide infrastructure will ensure that your website remains accessible and fast

  • Security: protecting your website from malicious bots and hackers

  • Hosting: for existing or new WordPress sites

  • Analytics: view real-time statistics in the Deflect dashboard.

Deflect is always offered free of charge to not-for-profit entities that meet our eligibility requirements. This offer extends our free services to any business or individual that is responding to societal needs during the pandemic, including media organizations, government, online retail and hospitality services, etc. We will review all applications to make sure they align with Deflect’s Terms of Use.

It takes 15 minutes to set up and we’ll have you protected on the same day. Our support team can help you in English, French, Chinese, Spanish and Russian. If you have any questions please contact us.

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