Montreal-based action and communication network becomes APC member

By APCNews JOHANNESBURG, South Africa,

Alternatives –the Action and Communication Network for International Development- joined APC in November 2003. Alternatives is based in Montreal, Canada, and works on a regional, national and international level with non-governmental organisations defending the interests of vulnerable populations; specifically, labourers, women and young people constructing a more environmentally conscious, humane and democratic society.

“All our work is based on the belief that a strong civil society, based on the participation of citizen associations, is a central condition for human, democratic and sustainable development,” says Alternatives’ Communications Manager Chad Lubelsky, “and many of our projects are either specifically in the domain of ICTs, or contain an ICT component.”

Alternatives’ ICT-based services include sending over 70 Canadian youth abroad every year on ICT related internships, helping, and in some case continue to, support various web-based information initiatives such as,,, and; and providing technical ICT assistance to many of overseas partners – specifically in the development of open source content management systems.

Author: —- (APCNews)
Source: APCNews
Date: 02/05/2004
Location: JOHANNESBURG, South Africa
Category: Development Resources

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