Making our presence felt: Women's involvement in online content creation in Ghana

A large number of the world’s population is now living online. Since 2016 especially, there has been a huge increase in people’s connectivity and interest in social media. The year 2016 also witnessed several online controversies and events both globally and locally during the elections in the USA, the Ghana elections and the Gambian elections that happened almost concurrently.

About half of the world's population, most of whom are probably women or those not living in urban areas, do not have access to information and communication technology (ICT) and cannot effectively participate online. The international community comes together yearly to commemorate the International Girls in ICT Day to raise awareness about the gender gap in the technology sector. According to statistics from, women are 14% less likely than men to own a mobile phone. Moreover, 25% fewer women and girls are online compared to men and boys. In Africa, the gap is widening, with over 40% of women not able to effectively engage ICT tools for personal and professional activities.

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