Going green with a Solar Mobile Phones Chargers

How does the solar cell phone charger work?

The solar cell phone charger works very simply. Instead of using an energy
company, the Sun charges the phone’s battery. The cell phone battery can
be charged outdoors if the battery dies. The cell phone does typically
need sunlight to be charged, but most chargers have a storage device that
charges the phone even if sunlight is not present.

*How much energy could I save in Kwatt each year using a solar cell phone

The charging of a regular cell phone takes electricity and that does cost
money. Most chargers of cell phones use 1 watt each day. That does not
sound like much, but it can add up too. A solar charger will save you
money on the usage of a cell phone over the year. It is estimated that if
Americans use more energy efficient chargers, over 1 Billion kilowatt
hours will be saved every year.

How much time a solar charger requires to full charger a cell phone?

On average, it takes about 3 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge a 2
Watt Solar Charger; 30 minutes if you are charging an 18 Watt version. To
calculate the total hours of needed, you take the Amperes per Hour of the
battery and divide it by the Amperes per Hour of the charger and then add
10 percent to that.

What are the best solar cell phone chargers?

There are various types of solar cell phone chargers. The ISun is one of
the top solar cell phone chargers available today. This comes with two
watts of energy output and very reliable for long trips. Solio is another
good solar cell phone charger. It is dependable and durable and provides
‘Green’ on the go.

*How much waste is produced by manufacturers who produce those “green”
solar chargers?*

Even though, becoming ‘Green’ is very popular, people still do not know
how much waste is created in the producing of Green products. When it
comes to the raw materials used and the transport of them, it can
sometimes be worse. Solar cell phone chargers create a lot of pollution.
Companies who are trying to go ‘Green’ are still some of the worse
polluters today.

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