Back in South Asia... with a bang

APC is currently holding an ambitious programme in South Asia, and is drawing a wide range of participation. Here’s looking forward to more activity in the most populous region of the planet. Where ICTs, if effectively used, could make a big difference…

APC seemed a fascinating idea when one first heard of it… maybe in the ‘eighties… from afar. In 1995, when email was an idea hardly anyone had heard of, this blogger got his first email account, thanks to IndiaLink, APC’s then partners in India.

Aspi Mistry and John D’Souza of CED Bombay (not to forget Leo Fernandez, then with ISI Delhi) were almost evangelical in their conviction that access to email would make a difference.

It did! Even though we then dialled up 600 kms away to fetch our mail… and hope that nobody sent us loooong files.

After a bit of a gap, APC is back in South Asia. And with a bang it would seem… As APC members, we at BytesForAll are honoured and glad with this development.

The currently underway (April 19-21, 2006) APC Regional Consultation on ICT Policy in South Asia has drawn in participations from a number of across South Asia. And a few beyond.

Participants came from groups including LIRNEAsia, the Indian Institute of Management’s Centre for Telecom Policy Studies (at Ahmedabad), Drik Bangladesh, GIPI India, JinboNet, Radiophony India, IPP computer Association of Nepal, BRACNET, the library-archive Madan Puruskar Nepal, the Bangalore-based Alternative Law Forum, in New Delhi, BNNRC (Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication), AMARC Asia Pacific, I4D magazine, Panos South Asia, NetExpress Pakistan, C2O, Young Asia Television Sri Lanka, VoiceBd, ICT for Change in Bangalore, TVE Asia Pacific, FMA Philippines, Pakistan Software Association…

And yes, BytesForAll.