Orientación para miembros


We are delighted to welcome new members to APC, one of the world’s oldest networks of civil society organisations working to promote ICTs for social justice and development. We look forward to working together with you.

1. Your representation on APC Council

APC council is the governing body that establishes APC’s policy and programme priorities. Each APC member organisation appoints two representatives to council.

Find out more about APC council and how your representation will function.

2. Collaboration

Programmes: APC staff will be contacting you soon to find out how and who they could work with in your organisation. In 2007-8, APC is working in three programmes .

Recent achievements: Read more about our and members’ work in our most recent Annual Report

Projects: To find out more about projects, visit the Projects section . If you have questions you can write to project coordinator.

An excellent history of APC is also online in English and Spanish.

3. Share Your experiences and promote your new APC membership

News contact: APC’s vitality comes from the members. The more we share information, news, strategies, concerns among ourselves, the more we learn and the stronger we become. Please use our newsletters (produced in English, French and Spanish) to let the APC community of members, partners, development workers, activists, academics and supporters know what is happening at your organisation and in your reality.

To do this, please write to apcnews@apc.org to say who will be the content contact at your organisation and will work with APC to tell the world about what you are doing to promote ICTs for social justice and development.

APC materials: Please promote that you are a new member of the APC network on your website and in your promotional materials.

Linking to APC: Members can promote their APC membership by adding the APC logo to their website and linking to the APC site in either English, French, Portuguese or Spanish. You can get APC buttons – there is also a zip file of buttons in different colours to suit your site.

4. A point of contact for your first year

We realise that it can sometimes take some time to get familiar with a unique organisation like APC. We are currently trying to locate an individual at a member organisation that you will be able to contact in moments were you would like some advice about APC-related matters eg. How do I post a question in an APC online meeting? We need fundraising assistance, who should we contact? We would like to find out who else is working on a similar project to us and learn from their lessons, who could we contact?

The point of contact can give you friendly advice in your first year of membership. If you would like a point of contact please write to Karen Banks at karen@gn.apc.org

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