We invite you to join Community Radio initiative in Bangladesh

Community Radio has a very special place in BNNRC’s intervention. The objective of BNNRC ‘s Community Radio intervention is to address crucial social issues at community level, such as poverty and social exclusion, empower marginalized rural groups and catalyze democratic processes and on going development efforts. You know BNNRC is promoting the advocacy with the government in relations to community radio with other organisations since its emergence.

As a result Ministry of Information of People’s Republic of Bangladesh has been announced the Community Radio Install, Broadcast and Operation 2008 for the first time in Bangladesh.The Ministry of information has also formulated three committees i.e National Regulatory Committee, Technical sub committee and Central Monitoring Committee to look after the smooth operation of community radio in Bangladesh.

By the way the technical sub-committee formed in accordance with the community radio policy 2008, sent a list of 124 Government and non-government organizations after sorting out of 180 applications to the National Regulatory Committee headed by Information Secretary. This committee selected 116 organizations eligible for license on Tuesday 15th July, 2008. Notably, 400 organizations drew application forms from the Ministry but only 180 submitted their applications for license. Having insufficient documents, papers and qualifications for the license, applications of those organizations have been ineligible of the consideration for license.

BNNRC provided technical assistance to around 200 organisation in the community radio application process through a National Help Desk on Community Radio in BNNRC Secretariat in Dhaka. Through this experience we have felt that a pro active institution should be activated to create necessary human resource, research and Development and technical cooperation for Community Radio in Bangladesh.

In this backdrops, BNNRC has established Community Radio Academy. The Academy is going to provide community radio related training, technical assistance and other support through the year.We hope community radio to be the alternative and strongly effective mass media for the rural disadvantage population to express their thinking in their own voice.

We invite you to join Community Radio initiative in Bangladesh.
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