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The University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg is launching the third iteration of their online course Media Freedom and Freedom of Expression in Africa. This course aims to promote a diverse and democratic media within Africa, focusing on freedom of expression, media independence, as well as access to information and affordable internet. The updated version includes a session on African media in the time of COVID-19 as well as the impact of the pandemic on journalists.

The course is dedicated to South African activist Jeanette Minnie who was a dedicated advocate for civil society engagement with African media policy.

Anyone interested in ensuring a free and independent African media should consider enrolling. The course begins on 15 June and runs for seven weeks on edX, a massive open online course (MOOC) provider. Enroll here.

Freedom of expression, the right to information, and internet access and affordability are all key principles established by the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms, a Pan-African initiative to promote human rights standards and principles of openness in internet policy formulation and implementation on the continent. The Declaration is intended to elaborate on the principles which are necessary to uphold human and people’s rights on the internet, and to cultivate an internet environment that can best meet Africa’s social and economic development needs and goals. Read more here.