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The Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) 2020 is taking place on 27-30 September. With the theme "Internet Governance for Good: Norms, Standards and Mechanisms", this year’s event will feature a total of 14 sessions across the sub-themes of cybersecurity, safety and trust; digital inclusion, gender equality and diversity; human rights and equity; and innovation and development.

APC will be closely following the sessions on rights, gender, access and the environment, among others. These sessions will cover issues ranging from access for persons with disabilities, technology and women’s safety, challenges in establishing multistakeholder collaborations, platform responsiveness and responsibility, the impact of the internet on the environment, the gender digital divide, and digital rights challenges after COVID-19.

Due to the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the APrIGF 2020 will be a virtual event hosted via Zoom. A complete guide to the programme is available here.

The APrIGF serves as a platform for discussion and collaboration around internet governance at the regional level. It enables various stakeholders, including policymakers, civil society, advocates, technologists, community-based groups and key actors, to engage in discussions about the challenges and solutions related to internet governance and its development in the Asia Pacific region.

Following the themes and sub-themes of the APrIGF 2020, collaborations and discussions will centre on the multistakeholder nature of internet governance and the importance of building consensus on the standards and norms that will ensure that the Internet remains a free, secure and safe space for all.

APC at the APrIGF2020

APC has been a supporter of the event for many years and contributes a framework of feminist and rights-based approaches to internet governance. APC’s engagement in this space has been rooted in ensuring that our voices reflect the values of the APC network in relation to the development, exercise and regulation of digital tools and spaces. This participation has paved the way for a stronger and more diverse participation of civil society organisations as they take on more active roles during the event as panellists, resource speakers, session organisers and others.

For this year’s APrIGF, APC is actively supporting its members and networks as they engage in this space on important issues surrounding internet governance. At the APrIGF 2020, APC staff are part of the Multistakeholder Group (MSG), Programme Committee, Drafting Committee and Virtual Working Group.

We are also supporting this year’s fellows by mentoring the sub-group on human rights and ethics, thereby engaging in their capacity building. APC member Foundation for Media Alternatives is also spearheading the session "Bridging the digital gender divide: Learnings from the digital gender gap audit", which will take place on 29 September, 08:00-09:00 UTC.

The Synthesis Document of the APrIGF2020 is also open for public viewing and commenting. Access the document here.

For more information about APrIGF2020, please visit: You may also follow @apc_news@aprigf_ and #APrIGF2020 for updates on Twitter.