How to add a resource

The GreeningIT directory is open for all who wish to add relevant resources to the database. You may do so by logging in or creating a new account here.

Log in, go to the GreeningIT directory and click ‘Submit resource’ on the right-hand side of the page.

Fill in the required fields in the form, following the instructions provided under each one in small grey print.

Title of initiative: What is the title of the campaign, research, or initiative?
Area of initiative: In which of the three areas of initiative does your resource fit:
ICTs and Climate Change, ICTs and Environmental sustainability, or ICTs’ Environmental Impact?

Once you have selected an area of initiative, select also a sub-category from the extended drop-down list where the resource fits best.
>> More detailed descriptions of the subcategories.

Regions: Select the geographical regions which apply. You can add more than one region by holding down the Ctrl key and then selecting.
Countries: Select the country/countries which apply. You can add more than one country by holding down the Ctrl key and then selecting.
Resource tags: Select tags that best describe the resource and are additional to the area of initiative and sub-category: keywords, country, etc. The form will automatically provide suggestions of existing tags as you type. Please use those as a first preference, or add new ones, as needed.
Type of information available online: What type of content does the resource offer? (e.g. interactive maps, videos, graphs, raw data, etc.)
Type of access: Is the resource open or restricted, e.g. does it require payment, registration, etc.? For example, some websites allow unregistered visitors to view and download content, but require registration for posting comments or uploading, just like this directory.
Abstract: A brief description of the resource – up to 500 characters. This shows up when resources are displayed as a list.
list viewlist view
Developed by: Who has developed / is the owner of the resource?
Description: A longer description of the resource – up to 1500 characters. This shows up when a resource is viewed individually in full detail.
detailed viewdetailed view

Website title: What is the title of the website of the resource? Usually you can find this in the title bar of your browser, or on the top of the homepage of the resource.

Website URL: What is the URL address of the resource?

Contact person: Name of contact person for the resource, if available. Some websites allow contact only through a contact form, in this case, write here ‘Contact form’.

E-mail of contact person: E-mail address of contact person, if available. If there is only a contact form, please paste here the link to it.
Preview / submit buttons: If you wish to see how the resource you just added would look before publishing it, click the Preview button. When you are ready to submit your resource, click Submit.

Thank you for your contribution to the GreeningIT directory!
Please come back often to check out new entries and to add more valuable resources that you encounter along the way. The easiest way to keep tabs on how the directory grows is to bookmark it using the ‘share’ link at the bottom of the page, or to subscribe to updates about new additions in the area/subcategory of your choice via RSS using the RSS button in the bottom right corner of the page.

For inquiries, support and suggestions, please contact us:

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