Network of networks: Strategic planning meeting

Italy, 21 April 2010

The Network of Networks project aims to strengthen civil society influence in global public policy
spaces that deal with internet policy issues through building a transglobal network of policy
advocates working for an open and just information society. To do so we want to increase the
capacity of organizations to understand, to intervene and to collaborate on internet governance
issues. An advisory committee has been struck and they have identified Net Neutrality and ACTA
as possible collaboration opportunities.

Following the work of the advisory committee, a strategic retreat is being planned from July 15-
18. It is expected that during the retreat participants will share insights and experiences in order to develop an agenda for an inclusive information society that cuts across the different IG issue areas.

The goals of the retreat are therefore to:

• identify a cross-issue IG agenda for civil society
• ascertain how to pursue the agenda
• identify immediate, specific and actionable collaborations

In advance of the retreat, APC will produce research and case studies into relevant internet
governance policy spaces, actors and issues. The aim of this research is to support participating
civil society issue networks to deepen their understanding of where power is concentrated or
dispersed, and where strategic interventions have been, and might be most effective. This
knowledge and experience sharing will be then be used to validate decisions made during the