APC launches GreeningIT online directory
APC launches GreeningIT online directory 11 October 2010 Evgenia Tasheva

Forest of Electrons: Illustration image by Reilly Butler, published under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic licenseThe GreeningIT directory was officially launched today, marking the first open online database of resources that focuses on the intersection of ICTs and environmental sustainability. The directory aims to gather and present a comprehensive annotated list of initiatives, tools and online communities, featuring both innovative and traditional applications of ICTs...

Fighting illegal logging in Bulgaria's forests
Fighting illegal logging in Bulgaria's forests 12 July 2010 BlueLink

Tree in Bulgarian frestThe campaign “Expose and Improve: The power of IT in combating illegal logging” led by Sofia-based APC member BlueLink is aimed at combatting the intensive illegal logging that is accelerating the extinction of forests in Bulgaria. The project combines digital tools and green activism in an online system for filing whistle-blower alerts on illegal logging. Th...

Grass root(er)s: Green e-activists of Eastern Europe enter politics
Grass root(er)s: Green e-activists of Eastern Europe enter politics 30 July 2009 Pavel Antonov

Zelenite campagin: Let’s reclaim the state for the citizens: Bulgaria’s youngest green party is growingNews that the Bulgarian national security agency (DANS) had raided the offices of the State forestry agency in Sofia back in March caught green activists by surprise. Particularly because news suggested that reports by ”ecologists” were the reason for the Hollywood-style action...

BlueLink Information Network
BlueLink Information Network 03 March 2008

BlueLink is a virtual network offering a broad variety of internet-based services for all those interested in issues related to the environment, natural resources and sustainable development in Bulgaria. It is a place to post and obtain information about domestic and international environmental news, events, campaigns, activities and projects, as well as a forum to communicate and exchange...

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