2016-2019 was also a time for celebration

In 2016, APC’s Women’s Rights Programme manager Jac sm Kee received the Stieg Larsson Prize "for her struggle for women’s right to a free online environment and for an open and equal information society based on the potential of the internet."

In 2017, APC Labs-Community Networks coordinator Mike Jensen was inducted in the Internet Hall of Fame. Pioneer of internet connectivity in South America Ermanno Pietrosemoli from our member in Venezuela, EsLaRed, was inducted the same year.

While one of APC’s founders and the first organisational member of the network, GreenNet, turned 30 in 2016, APC member Pangea celebrated its 25th birthday in 2018.

Also in 2018, Karen Banks, currently operations director at APC, received the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) Lifetime Achievement Award for her extraordinary, unique and long-lasting contributions towards the development, use and study of the internet for the public good. “Banksie” is a networking pioneer who has worked with ICTs and their applications as tools for social change since 1990.

In October 2019, Kemly Camacho and her team from APC member Sulá Batsú, Costa Rica, were awarded the prestigious UNESCO Prize for Girls' and Women's Education.

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