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In recognition of the gender digital divide, the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) requested a member subgrant from the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) to implement a project whose main goal was to raise awareness about the factors that inhibit women from using the internet, develop strategies to overcome them, and pursue the implementation of these strategies while building women's capacity to understand internet rights and freedoms as well to safely use the internet.

The project consists of three components:  research to understand the factors hindering the effective use of the internet by women in the region; capacity building for women to undertake advocacy around the issues of internet rights; and sustained advocacy for gender digital inclusion in the region.

The research was conducted in four communities, namely Doganjije and Azare (Bauchi State) and Dakata and Zaura Baba (Kano State). This book consists of both the research findings and the content of the advocacy strategy document published earlier that was used for the advocacy component of the project.


This report was produced as part of a project funded with an APC member subgrant, with support from Sida.