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In collecting essays for this third volume in the Shifting Power and Human Rights Diplomacy series, the editors started from an open question, rather than an assumption. The key question of this volume is to what extent South Africa has used its power and influence for human rights promotion and protection abroad, and whether it is likely to do so in the future.

Following earlier publications on Brazil and India, Strategic Studies, an initiative of the Dutch section of Amnesty International, has collected critical essays from fifteen experts on South Africa’s foreign policy agendas and diplomacy. Analysing different aspects of the country’s past, present and future external human rights policies, the authors critically assess the likeliness that South Africa will use its power to defend human rights and international justice in the region or globally.

APC’s Anriette Esterhuysen, Emilar Vushe and Deborah Brown are co-authors of the chapter “South Africa in the international arena: privacy, security, and Internet governance”.