Sheena Magenya

All Women Count: Take Back the Tech! project coordinator


Sheena is a feminist with 12 years of working experience in Namibia, South Africa and Kenya. She has a background in media and communications, and is interested in the opportunities that African women have to influence and effect change in social and political spaces, including online spaces. She is curious about technology and the internet, and passionate about an intersectional feminist approach to social justice. She holds a BA in Media Studies and Psychology from the University of Namibia, and a Masters (Cum Laude) in Creative Writing from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Purpose of position

The online gender-based violence coordinator is responsible for coordinating and managing a multi-country project on ending online gender-based violence. This includes building and supporting the network of partners and campaigners, coordinating country partner projects, developing collective analysis and strategic interventions based on data and research, leading in monitoring and evaluation, managing campaign-related communications spaces, managing project budget and expenses and liaising with consortium partners.

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