Ressa Ria Icha

Common Room representative for the community networks learning grant initiative


Ressa Ria Lestari (a.k.a Icha) was born in Bandung on 1st of January 1991. She graduated from the Departemen of Anthropology, Padjajaran University in 2015. She has expertise in social and market research, as well as community development and environmental issues, with great interest in health, livelihood and gender issues. In the past two years, Icha has gained experience in the area of policy recommendations, consumer tastes, including public advocacy on gender-based violence and community empowerment. Having participated in some activities in Common Room, she initiated a community space called “Samahita” for gender-based violence in 2015. She is also a peer conselor for gender-based violence victims in Bandung, Indonesia.

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