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The Movement for Alternatives and Youth Awareness (MAYA) is a not-for-profit organisation that has been working in the sectors of education, livelihood and health for more than three decades, addressing issues related to child labour, early child development, and skill building. These initiatives of MAYA have become independent entities known as Prajayatna, LabourNet and Maya Organic, all of which have substantial impact on the ground as NGOs/social enterprises. 

Since 2014, MAYA has made it a mission to build healthy individuals and communities, by enabling preventive health care and promoting overall well-being through trained community health entrepreneurs (HE). During this time, MAYA has enrolled and supported 100 HEs who serve about 75,000 households in the rural and semi-urban areas of Ramanagara district. 

Health entrepreneurs are last-mile health companions. Predominantly women, often belonging to marginalised communities, they offer data-driven services to prevent and manage chronic conditions for their local communities.


Naveen Bagalkot

Rekha Arun

2021 Community Network Grant Programme recipient

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