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Rekha Arun

Rekha Arun is a programme coordinator for MAYA Health, involved in monitoring, tracking and supporting the field coordinators who in turn provide the necessary knowledge, skills and resources for health entrepreneurs (HEs) to become micro-entrepreneurs and ensure delivery of quality service and products to the community. She supports the MAYA team in developing, editing and translating (English and Kannada) various content for the orientation process, training modules, activities, survey forms, etc. She is responsible for the supply of equipment (such as blood pressure devices, glucometers, digital scales, etc.) and consumables (strips and other products) required by the HEs in providing service to the community. 

She has overall experience of more than 20 years in the field of education and social sectors, having previously worked as a history lecturer. As the person in charge of finance, administration and documentation at MAYA, she manages all of the organisation’s administrative and financial procedures and systems. And as a translator, she has translated various documents for MAYA, VSET, Ekstep and Hobitute Art and Media Services, among others. She also worked as a non-technical content writer at LabourNet Services India.

MAYA representative on the 2021 Community Network Grant Programme

Areas of expertise