Koliwe Majama

AfDec coordinator and AfriSIG organiser


Koliwe Majama is a Zimbabwean media, information, communications and technologies consultant with over 15 years of experience working in civil society lobbying and advocacy. As a trained journalist with a diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication, Koliwe has practiced as both a print and broadcast journalist in Zimbabwe. She also holds a BSc in Media and Society Studies from Zimbabwe’s Midlands State University and is an AfriSIG alumnus. In her recent past position of 10 years, as programme officer at the Media Institute of Southern Africa’s Zimbabwe Chapter, Koliwe was prominently involved in internet governance processes in her country through research and multistakeholder engagement. In the region and globally she has invested in networking and thought leadership on varying internet governance trends, including gender and the internet – which she has a passion for. As a consultant, she coordinated the 2017 and 2018 editions of AfriSIG and engaged with Zimbabwean media civil society organisations in ICT policy and programming.


Purpose of position

The AfDec project coordinator and AfriSIG organiser is responsible for two Africa-based initiatives: coordination of the "Securing human rights online in Africa through a strong and active ‘African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms’ network" (AfDec) project, and organising of the African School on Internet Governance School (AfriSIG), which includes AfriSIG and APC participation in the African Internet Governance Forum.

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