Carla Jancz

Instituto Bem Estar representative for the community networks learning grant initiative


Carla is an information security consultant, feminist and Trekker. She works with information security for non-profit organisations and as a training instructor. Carla is also a volunteer at MariaLab, a feminist hacker collective that promotes technology for women and trans people in Brazil.

As part of the Vedetas project, she facilitated trainings in autonomous networks focused on women and other minorities, developing localised methodologies to teach non-technical and non-English speakers. She has also worked on several community networks in Brazil, in partnership with other organisations such as Coolab, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and Semprelivre Organização Feminista (SOF).

Since 2018 she has focused on the development of FUXICO, an autonomous sharing system based on PirateBox. This project is meant to be used on local networks with no internet access and it brings by default selected contents about information security, feminism, traditional knowledges and autonomy. Some of this work was documented in the Global Information Society Watch 2018 edition where she participated in a chapter called "Feminist infrastructure and community networks: An opportunity to rethink our connections from the bottom up, seeking diversity and autonomy". 

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