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Action Research Network
Action Research Network 11 April 2011

The APC Action Research Network is a network of researchers who focus on “information society” themes. They are carrying out research for action intended to lead to positive changes in the policy environments in the countries and regions where they live and work in three areas – spectrum, human rights online and ICTs and environment.  

Bad Science - Exaggerated claims of child exploitation online
Bad Science - Exaggerated claims of child exploitation online 07 April 2011 grady

An independent study commissioned by the Women’s Funding Network has garnered a lot of attention in recent weeks. The study, which tracks sex trafficking in online classifieds, claims that incidences of child prostitution have risen in some states by as much as 67.4% in a matter of months.

NASA holds open source summit
NASA holds open source summit 14 March 2011 grady

NASA, best known as the guys who invented Velcro, will be holding an Open Source Summit on March 29-30, bringing together researchers and experts in the field of open source “to discuss the challenges with the existing open source policy framework, and propose modifications that would make it easier for NASA to develop, release, and use open source software.”

Study shows new media increases youth's civic engagement
Study shows new media increases youth's civic engagement 01 March 2011 Grady

The study, conducted by the Youth and Participatory Politics research network, found that contrary to commonly held beliefs those who used new media and social networking were more likely to be politically engaged.

Women's rights and realities transformed by technology
Women's rights and realities transformed by technology 18 February 2011 KB

Can information and communication technologies (ICTs) transform women’s realities? Undoubtedly, yes. This connection between ICTs and the advancement of women’s rights will be addressed during the 55th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) 22 February – 4 March in New York. The CSW is a global policy-making body of the United Nations dedicated to gender equality and the a...

Web streaming creates solidarity among the labour movement
Web streaming creates solidarity among the labour movement 12 January 2011 LaborNet

In December 2010, APC member LaborNet held a conference at the University of San Francisco, which demonstrated how technology can be used by trade unions and the labor movement to gain access to information to strengthen their cause.

Wattbot 19 December 2010

Wattbot is an online clean energy advisor. Energy consumers can obtain customized recommendations about improving energy performance based on information they provide about their homes. Users may connect with specific clean energy service providers according to the selected recommendations, or discuss energy issues with other energy consumers. The website has a section with sophisticated visual...

Home Energy Saver
Home Energy Saver 19 December 2010

The Home Energy Saver web site (HES) is an interactive do-it-yourself home energy assessment tool, combined with extensive decision-support content. Its aims are support national initiatives to increase consumer interest in energy efficiency and to foster market activities that capture those opportunities. The site is also used periodically by students and researchers as a tool for analyzing re...

Call2Recycle 11 December 2010

Call2Recycle is a free collection programme for mobile phones and rechargeable batteries, active since 1994. It operates through a network of 30 000 drop-off locations, such as hospitals, universities, retailers, public institutions and communities, in Canada and the United States. All collected materials are recycled completely, in facilities in North America. Mobile phones are refurbished and...

Basel Action Network
Basel Action Network 11 December 2010

The Basel Action Network (BAN) is a non-governmental organisation which focuses on the devastating impacts of toxic trade from an environmental justice perspective, advocates for banning waste trade, and for promoting green and democratic design of consumer products. Initiator of the e-Stewards programme for certifying responsible electronic recyclers, working on green shipbreaking, zero mercur...

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